Rose Creek, MN Garden Ponds

Rose Creek, MN Garden PondsWaterfalls, Ponds, and Fountains

Ponds and water features can add a whole new dimension to your outdoor room.  They add natural sound and movement that help to relax.  A water feature can be as large, small, simple, or complex as you want. They range in size from a large pond to a small fountain, each with its own maintenance needs.

Design and Installation

There’s simply nothing quite like a well thought out and installed pond or waterfall to create a peaceful and serene atmosphere for outdoor family living.  The sound is calming and the water cools the area around it.  Whether you want something formal, or natural,  your water feature will provide a visual focal point for all to enjoy!

Water Feature Ideas and Examples

Here are some example landscape designs that incorporate water.  We work with a variety of materials – hardscapes, plantings, water features, and more.  We can incorporate water falls, ponds, streams, and pretty much anything else you can dream up!

backyard-waterfall pondless-waterfall waterfall backyard-water-feature backyard-water-fall backyard-water-fall-feature water-fall-stream stream-and-water-fall

Professional Landscaping

Our installation team is well trained and can professionally install just about any landscape idea you can dream up. Together, the design and installation team can turn your yard into a personal vacation getaway!

Great Water Features

We take pride in our final results. Our landscape design team has decades of real experience in landscape design, customizing every plan to meet the needs of each customer.

Landscape Design Estimates

We can discuss your landscaping needs and review landscape design ideas.  Your likes and dislikes for colors, textures and materials is important to the look and feel, as well as your long term enjoyment.  Maintenance, existing landscapes, budget and seasonality are all important factors that should also be considered at the beginning of the landscape design project.  Lets get started today!

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