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landscape serviceWhen it comes to professional landscaping, we at Dolan’s are experts and true professionals. Our specialization is in landscape design and we are also the best when it comes to landscape service in Mn. We are conveniently located in Austin and have everything that you require for your landscaping lawn services projects. Our final results are the best you can find and we are proud of our ability to offer the best landscaping service. We are the trusted landscaping services pros who are called in by our customers whenever they have a landscaping project to complete. We offer custom lawn service plans to ensure that your dreams become a reality. Whether you have a big or small lawn services project, you can rely on us to provide you with the best solutions in Minnesota. Our team of talented landscaping Austin professionals are ever-ready to provide you with the benefit of their experience and expertise. Whatever landscaping services project you have, you can trust us to provide you with the best solution.

Austin, MN Landscaping and Landscape Design Pros

Professional Landscaping

Landscaping and DesignWe specialize in landscape design and landscaping installation.  Visit our full service landscape center, conveniently located in Austin, stocked with  most anything you may need for those weekend DIY landscape and gardening projects.

We offer the very best professional Mn landscaping solutions. If you have a Mn lawn project that you would like us to complete for you, we are on hand to design and build custom landscapes, outdoor patio spaces and water features plus a lot more. Just check out some of our Austin landscaping completed landscape designs and you will be convinced you are at the right place. We have the experience knowledge and expertise to work with a variety of materials including but not limited to hadescapes, plantings, water features and a whole lot more.

We are also the best when it comes to incorporating patios and walls as well as bars islands and pagodas. Whatever your Austin landscaping services needs, we are best placed to solve it and we guarantee the quality of our products.

Installation and Design Services

We take pride in our final results.  Our landscape design team has decades of real experience in landscape design, customizing every plan to meet the needs of each customer.

When the time comes to complete your Austin lawn, be sure to talk to us. We’re ready to discuss your Austin landscaping needs and we are also ready to review landscape design ideas. Every customer has their own idea about what they like and dislike for colors, textures, and materials. We know how important it is to solve our customer’s needs and will do everything in our power to ensure your long-term happiness.

We offer the best maintenance and repair service, and we are also the best in keeping your existing landscape in top condition. Best of all, our Mn lawn services are very affordable. Before you start your Mn landscaping project, you need to look at various aspects including maintenance, existing landscape and budge as well as seasonality. We are ready to offer you the benefit of our expertise so that all these important factors are addressed in the best way possible.

Creations for Outdoor Living


We are the experts when it comes to handling customer landscaping projects in Austin. Our passion for Mn landscaping knows no bounds and our mission is to turn your dreams into reality. If you have a lawn service project you want completed to your entire satisfaction, get in touch with us and we will happily provide you with an estimate. We employ a team of professionals that are well trained and who have the experience and wherewithal to install your landscape in the most professional and pleasing manner. After they are done, your landscape will be transformed into a perfect getaway for your next vacation.

We offer a variety of landscaping services including outdoor patios, pergolas, bars/grills and Islands. We are also there to help you with your fireplace and fire rings. If you have a project involving retaining walls or stairs and steps, we are there to help you out. We also deal with water services and landscape design as well as all your sod requirements.

Our installation team is well trained and can professionally install just about any landscape idea you can dream up. Together, the design and installation team can turn your yard into a personal vacation getaway!

Functional, well designed outdoor areas extend your living space from within your home into your outdoor environment.  We can build anything you can dream up – from an intimate personal space for quiet relaxation, or a larger area complete with a barbecue, island, and fireplace to entertain guests.

Landscaping Estimates

We can discuss your landscaping needs and review landscape design ideas.  Your likes and dislikes for colors, textures and materials is important to the look and feel, as well as your long term enjoyment.  Maintenance, existing landscapes, budget and seasonality are all important factors that should also be considered at the beginning of the landscape design project.  Lets get started today!

  • Bars and Grills
  • Brick Ovens
  • Islands
  • Patios
  • Pergolas
  • Fireplaces /Fire Pits
  • Water Features
  • Steps / Stairs
  • Retaining Walls
  • Plantings
  • Trees
  • Sod

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Austin, MN professionals for residential and commercial landscaping.

mn landscapingWe are a team of professional landscaping service Austin MN. We offer gardening services by creating customized landscape designs, water features, outdoor patio spaces, etc. Our team of experts has an aesthetic sense, material information and decades of skill and expertise. The objective of our service is to provide an outstanding design which is budget-friendly and goes beyond your anticipation. We experiment in a variety of materials such as plantings, hardscapes, water features and the like.

Our landscape designers in Austin MN can integrate pergolas, patio, walls, bar islands and practically everything else you can think of. And our team of installation engineers is also well trained and sets up any landscape idea you have thought of. Collectively both the teams, with their expertise, hard-work and skill can turn your patio area into a personal retreat escape. With our great custom designs and customer testimonials we take pride in our final outcome. Our landscape designer and installation team have years of experience in customized landscape design much to the amazement of every customer who has tied up with us.

Waterfalls, Ponds, and Fountains Features

Water Features

service landscapingWe also deal with landscape designs that have water as a highlight feature. Ponds and water fountains can give an entirely new face-lift to your outdoor areas be it the backyard, front yard or patio. The natural and soothing sound and movement that water produces add to the tranquil ambience. The feature can have any facet as you want – simple or complex, big or small. The design ranges from a pond to a fountain each with its own maintenance needs as per client requirements. Additionally, we can also add in waterfall depending on the landscape design planned.

Design and Installation

The first and foremost important step towards a beautiful landscape design is a well planned layout. Secondly it is the perfect and strong installations that are done in the form of a waterfall or pond which creates a calm and comforting atmosphere that is perfect for open-air family time. The atmosphere is very soothing and the water also cools the vicinity in and around. Your requirement can be something natural or formal and the water feature that we add in will present a visual focal point.

Outdoor Patio Designs

Outdoor Patio Landscaping

Designing and highlighting the outdoor patio space has become a favorite creation of most people today and this is also referred to as their favorite space in the house. Even if you do not have a big backyard space it does not mean you cannot decorate the area. We have the best landscape services team who can create an outdoor oasis for you in any size of space available. As far as the availability of materials is concerned, we work with resources that suit your prerequisites and budget.

Patio Design and Installation

For some customers, a patio is an extension to their interior living room which further advances in the outdoor environment and includes some fresh air. It is a great way to incorporate some functional and fun elements there. An entertainment area is a perfect example to catch up with friends, family or to spend some time alone. Our team in MN landscaping discusses ideas and executes them giving it a perfect finesse. Furniture and plants have to be strategically used so that it goes well with the interior theme as well as nature outside.

Retaining Wall Design and Installation

Retaining Wall Design

In addition to designing and installing in Austin TX, we also understand the necessity to retain a few elements that are already present. Hence we do create many elements retaining wall systems. Here are numerable options of retaining wall materials such as bricks, natural stones, timber and blocks. All you need to do is discuss your exact requirements that you have in mind and our team of designers and installation engineers will create a custom retaining wall design that fits your needs and is not heavy on your pocket.

Professional Installation

Ranging from big to small, our team of experts has created all kinds of installations. Hence our veteran team will install your new retaining wall with prompt maintaining the same attention to detail that is required. Our professional gardening services provide true craftsmen and will make sure that the new retaining wall is built properly so that it not only looks good but also hold strong for years to come. With our years of experience in the service, rest assured you will get a dream installation executed.

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Austin, MN Garden Center

Our garden center and landscaping service Austin MN is always stocked with collections ranging from plants to another large amount of supplies as well as gardening and landscaping related décor items and raw materials. A huge assortment of foliage, perennials and shrubs are maintained in the outdoor set with ease of access from any part of the enclosure. In the greenhouse nursery tropicals and annuals are grown and a big storage place has all kinds of equipment, furniture, fountains and materials such as garden tools, fertilizers and pond supplies.

We are updated and hence season to season our stock is changed and updated. In a continuous effort to keep things upgraded, we continue to add various patios, pond and wall accessories displayed all over the center. So if you plan to visit us, give us a call and we will take a look around. We hope to be and keep inspired and work on lots of ideas for your landscape projects.

Why Choose Landscaping Service Austin MN Services

Landscaping Professionals

With an ardor for landscape design and determined to turn your dream yard into reality, we are Austin’s landscaping connoisseurs. Our team of designers and installation engineers are well trained, compliant and wonderfully execute any landscape idea you can imagine. The design and installation team together can turn your yard into a personal vacation getaway.

Free Estimate

We are more than happy to give you an idea of estimation on your landscaping project and this is a free service. You do not have to visit us to get a free estimate. You just need to fill out the quick form which has all basic details that are required on our part to give you an estimate.

Competitive Pricing

We provide a competitive quote that no other service provider offers. You can take an approximate costing from us and check it for yourself. We believe customer satisfaction comes first and strive hard for that. Alongside creating, taking into consideration the budget, maintenance of the landscape and seasonality are all significant factors that we considered while giving out an estimate.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

service lawnWith our expert team of designers and installation engineers at your bay, 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed. We take time to comprehend and make a blueprint of your requirements and the same amount of hard work goes into designing and executing the installation. We have customer testimonials that praise our service and we take pride that we are able to help you through designing an important part of your home.

Friendly Support

Our team of executives is friendly and helpful. They are available and ready to resolve any issue that you have. Even in case of queries or confusions, our friendly support team will respond to you in a jiffy. The whole system is interlinked and updated that there are no loopholes and as a result there is no delay in the landscape yard service.<//span>

Skilled Artists

Our skilled artists and designers in landscaping service Austin MN will help bring your dream yard into a reality. With such expertise, the only result we have given is excellent and stunning designs and customer satisfaction. Along with them the installers are also an efficient team who sets up even basic décor elements that you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is landscape design?

Landscape design is a design and art tradition which has been converted into a profession and is practiced by landscape designers who combine nature, aesthetics and culture to uplift your outdoor space. In modern-day art practice, the space between garden design and landscape architecture is bridged by landscape design. It is the art of decorating, arranging and modifying the features of exterior space for aesthetic purpose as well as functional use.

What are some recommendations for lawn care services?

service landscapingA beautiful, lush green lawn is the dream of every American home owner because a healthy and attractive lawn gives an idea of the other aspects of the living. The best lawn care providers have a propensity to take care of the entire health of your yard which includes the soil and its nutrient balance. The most important feature of lawn care services is to check the reliability of customer service and ecological landscape practices.

What is the importance of hiring professional landscape maintenance services?

If you are extremely cautious about how your yard looks and the ambience it creates, then it is extremely important that you hire professional landscape maintenance services as they have the right contractors who know everything about the maintenance and does the right job. Hiring a professional landscape contractor from landscaping lawn services is important and comes with numerous benefits as they know all the details of the care that needs to be given to maintain its beauty and keep the area healthy.

What makes a good lawn care company?

landscaping lawn servicesWhile searching for the right lawn care provider in Austin, Minnesota few things need to be kept in mind. You would want a company that has a proven record of excellence in the service and also that provides a complete safeguarding curriculum of products used and service warranty. The points that can help you understand are to check for exceptional customer service, preventative maintenance and control, irrigation and the team.

Good tips for lawn care during a drought?

Some good and helpful tips for lawn care or lawn types during a drought are to let the plants grow. The lawns should be full of creeping plants that are much harder than plain old grass and you should not mow deep when the weather is hot. A short top mow is fine so that the plain does not become dry.

What are good ways to maintain a home garden and landscape?

While seeking professional service is the best and easy way to maintain home garden and landscape, you can also take care of it by keeping a few things in mind. Your plants need to be fertilized on a regular basis and get irrigation systems installed. When planting trees, use pots of various sized depending on the growth of the tree as it looks nice plus is easy to water and fertilize them.

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